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@@ -7,24 +7,36 @@ Science at my local University. Usually I am concerned with
computer-networks, operating servers and having fun in my day-to-day
computing. +
Apart from operations, I do have quite an interest in functional
programming (mostly Haskell and LISP), Documantation and Decentralized
programming (mostly Clojure), Documantation and Decentralized

Also, I am the author of link:[*Proton*],
an *asciidoc* based Static-Site-Generator that is also used to generate this
the *asciidoc* based Static-Site-Generator that powers this

== What do I do?

Whilst being a Student I do work for my University, maintaining our
linux-computerpools. Apart from that I was operating linux-servers over
the course of the last 8 years. At the moment I am taking a bit of time
for myself, starting to write down some of my experience as an operator
and linux-user.
the course of the last 8 years. +
Apart from operating servers I also spend my share of time educating myself in
the fields of computer-networks, programming and arts.

== Blogs / Podcasts
== Q&A

The blogs I read regularly can be found link:files/feeds.opml[here].
=== Are you on social-media?
I'm having a presence in the SSB-network, see the about-page for more infos.

A collection of (mostly german) podcasts I usually listen to can be
found link:files/podcasts.opml[here].
=== Why is your website so much faster than mine?
Because I can.

=== Your website looks so pale and grey, why don't you use some color?
Because I'm not a designer. Feel free to place your own css into your browser.

=== I sent you such a nice e-mail, why didn't you answer?
Because I sometimes forget.

=== I tried to use Proton, but I can't get some features to work.
Have a look at this website's
link:[source]. Most of the features are
used here.

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= VI's Blog
Vincent Truchseß <>

This is my personal little Blog.
It is still WIP, so you won't find much useful content here, but it will grow over time.
Eventually I'll mostly write about tech-stuff such as my experiences as a Gnu/Linux Operator, Free Software a little programming and the occasional nerdy commandline magic.

Latest posts:
Welcome to the friendly operator's Blog. +
This is the place where I write about my free-time computer adventures such as
programming various things in Clojure, discovering the Scuttleverse, operating
my infrastructure, Free Software in general and the occasional philosophical
view on the Web. +
If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe one of the