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  1. = About
  2. == Who am I?
  3. I am a 30Yo Nerd, Dad and technically still enrolled for Computer
  4. Science at my local University. Usually I am concerned with
  5. computer-networks, operating servers and having fun in my day-to-day
  6. computing. +
  7. Apart from operations, I do have quite an interest in functional
  8. programming (mostly Clojure), Documantation and Decentralized
  9. Software.
  10. Also, I am the author of link:[*Proton*],
  11. the *asciidoc* based Static-Site-Generator that powers this
  12. website.
  13. == What do I do?
  14. Whilst being a Student I do work for my University, maintaining our
  15. linux-computerpools. Apart from that I was operating linux-servers over
  16. the course of the last 8 years. +
  17. Apart from operating servers I also spend my share of time educating myself in
  18. the fields of computer-networks, programming and arts.
  19. == Q&A
  20. === Are you on social-media?
  21. I'm having a presence in the SSB-network, see the about-page for more infos.
  22. === Why is your website so much faster than mine?
  23. Because I can.
  24. === Your website looks so pale and grey, why don't you use some color?
  25. Because I'm not a designer. Feel free to place your own css into your browser.
  26. === I sent you such a nice e-mail, why didn't you answer?
  27. Because I sometimes forget.
  28. === I tried to use Proton, but I can't get some features to work.
  29. Have a look at this website's
  30. link:[source]. Most of the features are
  31. used here.