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title: Updates
author: VI
date: 2019-09-08

It's time to give you some updates and write a little about what's going at the
moment and in the near future.

## The Fediverse

Maybe you noticed that I have suddenly disappeared from the fediverse without any
goodbye. Simply, I found myself spending way too much time on my hone doing
*pull-to-refresh*. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm just not the Person for this
but I started to get the same feeling that drove me away from twitter a couple of
years ago. Also, `` got closed for good since I was the
only user there.

## This Blog

There are a few changes planned concerning this wonderful, little blog which you
enjoy so much.

### Proton

If you follow me on **SSB**, you might have heard that I am programming my own
static-site-generator called Proton. It's written in Clojure and based on the
Asciidoctor-toolchain. You won't notice any difference in the beginning except
the footer of this site will state *"Site proudly generated by Proton"* instead
of *Hakyll*. At the moment I am able to build this blog and have it being
compatible to my current css. Migrating this blog to Proton is planned for the
end of next week.

### YAFOTB (Yet another Fork of this Blog)

I have thought to start the Experiment and start a sub-section of this blog. This
will be the place where I'll write about non-IT stuff, probably in German
sometimes. This is more of an experiment but there have been some things I just
didn't write about because they don't fit into the general topic here. But since
there is enough space on the internet foe everything I might as well expand and
explore this section of the **fyberspace**.