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title: Caddy Webserver
author: VI

This is going to be a very short post. I just have successfully migrated my
services on **** to use caddy as webserver and I am very happy about
this so I am going to share my tremendous amount of shear happyness with you.

Just on a short notice - I have been pointed to take a look at the
[caddy]( webserver, since it has a reputation of being
extremely easy to set up, especially if you want to use **LetsEncrypt** anyway.

My first impression after adding caddy support to the Ansible-Roles I use to
setup my pleroma, blog, gitea and radicale was like "Ooooh, this is really nice".
For most services
All I need is a reverse-proxy that terminates TLS and multiplexes http. --
With **caddy**, this is about two lines of config for each service including the
webserver taking care of obtaining and renewing certificates for every domain
since TLS and automatic LetsEncrypt magic is the default setting here.
It also takes care of redirecting requests on port 80 automatically to port 443
properly and without any additional config. If you run webservers, take a look at it yourself and find yourself with a less
messy configuration (including not having the hustle with certbot anymore at all).

That'll be all so far, happy computing!