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  2. title: Home
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  4. <img src=images/logo.png style="float: right; margin: 10px;">
  5. <p>VI's Blog</p>
  6. <p>
  7. This is my personal little Blog.<br>
  8. It is still WIP, so you won't find much useful content here, but it will grow over time.<br>
  9. Eventually I'll mostly write about tech-stuff such as my experiences as a
  10. Gnu/Linux Operator, <b>Free Software</b> a little programming and the occasional nerdy commandline
  11. magic.
  12. </p>
  13. <p>Latest posts:</p>
  14. <h2>Posts</h2>
  15. $partial("templates/post-list.html")$
  16. <p>…or you can find more in the <a href="/archive.html">archives</a>.</p>