A simple static blog generator
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A simple, asciidoctor based static blog generator written in Clojure.

WARNING: This is still a beta-release. It is already usable for simple websites but there is still work to do, such as implementing tests ans proper Documentation.

System requirements

You need a working clojure-environment as well as leiningen.


Clone the git-repository

git clone https://git.fyber.space/vincent/proton.git
cd proton

Add site.clj to your .gitignore

echo "/src/proton/site.clj" >> .gitignore

Now, edit the site.clj to your needs. You may add own functions and templates as you wish. You may place your own templates in templates/custom.

Simply run lein run to generate your website!


This project is available in git-ssb under ssb://%Th/kvosEDmQy8H6yFCtAyXiCdLmsXNz99hp9Y9BSLb8=.sha256

To contribute either send me a patch/pr via e-mail, hit me on xmpp for an account on https://git.fyber.space or create a fork on git-ssb and send me a pull-request there (the preferred way for me).